Crowdfunding may be becoming a trend for businesses in Houston as several of them have used it to grow operations including Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company. According to Bizjournals, they announced on December 7 that they were financing the construction of a new restaurant and brewery center located on Washington Avenue in Houston's arts district. The Crowdfunding is being hosted on NextSeed with the minimum investment you can make being $100. Its initial investment started at $13,100 with five investors but quickly grew, and as of today there are now 199 investors who have helped it raise $295,400, a mark already exceeding it's minimum goal of $250,000. The brewery owners said they chose crowdfunding because they wanted to make the place truly locally-owned.

Understand How Car Title Loans Work

What's happening with Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company and several other Houston businesses is an example of why traditional bank loans may no longer be the main way to get funding anymore. With the enhanced capabilities of mobile technology and so many other ways to apply for financing online, why wait in line to see a loan officer who probably isn't interested in your situation. When you need financing for your needs whether they're business or personal, you don't have to seek out crowdfunding. You could look into Houston online title loans.

So your next question might be "why should I be interested in looking at title loans? Loans are always too much of a hassle to get and I usually can't just buy anything with them." Under most circumstances that's true, but with car title loans you don't have to deal with all the headaches on the application. Car title loans are run by independent lenders who aren't subject to the laws governing banks and limiting who they can approve for loans. Car title loan lenders don't just have the higher income customers in mind; they are willing to work with people of all financial backgrounds so that they can meet their needs and help them get through troubled times or even start up their own businesses.

Car title loans are dependent on your vehicle, and since you're securing this kind of loan with your asset, you don't have to say what you plan to do with it. Car title loans have been reported as being used for anything from paying off the doctor or dentist bill, paying for traffic tickets, paying a college fee or even for purchasing airline tickets. Title loan agencies tend to take borrower privacy very seriously, so you can usually expect them not to even ask what you plan on doing with title loan money.

Bad Credit And Previous Bankruptcies Don't Disqualify You From Title Loans

You might be thinking that any bankruptcy cases or really bad credit scores you recently had would be a red flag to title loan lenders, but they aren't. Again, since you are securing a title loan with your collateral, your financial history doesn't affect your approval at all. Even if you're disqualified from applying for secured credit cards, that doesn't mean that you can't get a title loan.

The Three Things You Must Have For Title Loan Approval

You need to own a vehicle first and foremost to get a title loan, and you also need to have the title to it and also have steady monthly income to cover it. How much income you make will also affect how much you'll get. Basically, the title loan lender checks on your vehicle's value through an online estimate and an on-site inspection. Then they'll issue you a cash amount that's a fraction of its total value. You'll usually have 30 days to repay the loan, though there can be exceptions that are made to that.

How To Get A Title Loan If Your Title Has A Lien On It

The main thing that will disqualify you from getting a title loan is if another party has a claim on your vehicle and you owe them money, and this will be reflected on the title as a lien. When you get a title loan, that also will put a lien on it, but in order to get a title loan lien, the title has to be clear. This usually means you need to finish making your car payments first. Now if you do have substantial equity in your vehicle or are nearly finished with your payments, title loan lenders will sometimes buyout the remaining balance and issue you a loan based on the current equity.

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