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Having bad credit is like having to carry around a 100-pound anvil wherever you go. It's debilitating and prevents you from doing a lot of the things you'd otherwise do. Miss a couple of credit card payments when you're in college and you could wind up paying for it until you're nearly 30 years old.

That leaves resorting to things like pawning your belongings or taking out a costly, short-term payday loan when you need extra money. Neither is a good long-term solution and neither will get you much money.

So, what can you do?

You can come to us! We're Allman Title Loans and we specialize in providing car title loans in The Woodlands, Texas. Want to hear more?

How Car Title Loans in The Woodlands Work

You don't need to have good credit to get auto title loans in The Woodlands because creditors like us at Allman Title Loans won't check it. Instead of relying on your credit history to approve you for a loan, we accept collateral in the form of the title to a vehicle you own. We can take the titles to cars, boats, motorcycles and campers as collateral.

We keep that collateral for the duration of your loan. At the end of it, we'll return it to you and close your account. It's as uncomplicated as that. No credit check, no background check, no worries.

The Qualification and Application Processes

Getting in the door with us is easy. For car title loans Houston and the surrounding counties, we only require that you own a vehicle that is in your name and is completely paid off, and that you earn enough money each month to comfortably make your payments back to us. We're not very picky about where that money comes from, though. While many of our customers have jobs, many also receive their income from sources like disability, child support payments and retirement income.

The application process is short and sweet. We need your identification plus proof of residence and income.We also need the original title to the vehicle and proof of registration and insurance. Gather the phone numbers to five of your closest friends to use as personal references. We can process your application in less than 60 minutes and send you on your way.

And your vehicle? It stays with you. That's right! We will only hold your title. You're free to use your vehicle as much as you want to.

Texas Laws Regarding Car Title Loans in The Woodlands

Each state controls how car title loans are operated within its borders. In fact, several states have outlawed title loans, cutting millions of Americans with poor credit off from a necessary lending source. Luckily, the Lone Star state allows car title lending.

In accordance with Texas law, we must disclose all fees and charges your loan will incur. Not only must we tell you about these fees verbally, we must also display them in our offices for you to read for yourself. In addition, we must let you know that you have three days to change your mind about getting a loan with us. If you present a written letter to us by the third day stating that you wish to cancel your loan, we will close your account and return any money you've paid within 10 days. OF course, you will also need to return all the money we've loaned you.

Are You Ready?

Running low on cash is scary, especially when your credit score prevents you from borrowing what you need. Instead of facing this situation alone, why not come to us? Allman Title Loans is happy to lend you the money you need to get you back on your feet!

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